November 2016 Newsletter: Transportation a Hot Topic During 2016 Legislative Session

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I-94 Corridor Coalition Hosted Legislative Preview Lunch

Coalition supporters attended the lunch where they were able to hear transportation leaders and elected officials speak

Transportation is expected to be hot topic during the 2016 legislative session. On February 26th the I-94 West Corridor Coalition hosted a luncheon where attendees were able to hear first hand from MnDOT Commissioner Charlie Zelle and Met Council Chair Adam Duininck about their organizations priorities, get the perspective of legislators and hear about the I-94 West Corridor Coalition’s priorities.

Local leaders were able to express their support to Zelle, Duinick and legislators regarding transportation improvements and funding needs in northwest Hennepin County. I-94 West Corridor Coalition President Steve Bot expressed the Coalition’s desire and plans regarding Phase 2 of the I-94 lane expansion project from St. Michael to Albertville, stating “We’ve received funding for the Phase 2 design, now we’ll hopefully continue the Corridors to fund Phase 2. […] Our main focus is we need to complete transportation funding. Our overall mission is in support of anything that helps move traffic along 94.”

Duininck discussed the lack of funding that MnDOT will be receiving in the coming years, during a time that the states population is expected to grow substantially, requiring transportation improvements and developments (roads, light rail and bus corridors) on a limited budget.

Zelle commended the Phase 1 lane expansion from Rogers to St. Michael, stating that the project “shows that the state can do it quickly”. Zelle also addressed the lack of transportation funding that the state will see, during a time when long-term improvements are necessary for growth.

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Transportation talks set to resume at Capitol

MPR, March 14, 2016

St. Paul – Democrats in the Minnesota Senate are renewing their call for “dedicated and sustainable” funding source for transportation projects.

DFL lawmakers held a news conference Monday to stress the importance of reaching a deal with House Republicans this session. Lawmakers failed to reach a deal last session, and the partisan disagreements over where to get the money haven’t been resolved.

Senate Transportation Committee Chair Scott Dibble, DFL-Minneapolis, said an investment in roads, bridges and transportation is long overdue.

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