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Congestion along the I-94 corridor has reached monumental proportions. On a stretch of road that could take you only 20 minutes to pass through often times takes almost three times as along. Minnesotans have spent countless hours trapped on a roadway that is a lifeline of commerce for the Upper Midwest and much of greater Minnesota. We are focused on expanding and improving I-94 from the Fish Lake Interchange to St. Cloud. Help us give the expansion project a ‘Green Light’ by submitting a JamGram or following us on Facebook – i94coalition, or Twitter – @GL94MN.
The Minnesota I-94 West Corridor Coalition is a coalition of dedicated local governments, private businesses, local Chambers of Commerce and other stakeholders affected by the transportation challenges facing Minnesota. We are taking a comprehensive approach to expanding the capacity of the corridor that will benefit communities and businesses along the entire corridor.
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