About the Project

Planning for the Future

Rogers - St. Michael

In late 2014, Governor Dayton and MnDOT Commissioner Charles Zelle announced that the Corridors of Commerce program would invest $35-$46 million to allow for the capacity expansion of I-94 from Highway 101 in Rogers to Highway 241 in St. Michael. October 2015 marked the successful completion of construction and opening of the lane capacity expansion.


This region has witnessed various benefits since the announcement and completion of this phase, such as:

  • Quality of life: a 55% reduction in total vehicle delay, reduced by approximately 350 hours per day
  • Economic growth: Close to 3 million square feet of new industrial development
  • Return on Investment: Average of $2.10 in property taxes for every additional square foot, approximately $6.2 million annually

St. Michael - Albertville

Phase 2, from St. Michael to Albertville, has received $1.4 million in Corridors of Commerce funding for initial design and engineering.

This project will potentially include bridge work, lane capacity expansion, off ramp improvements and other necessary upgrades.

In addition to transportation improvements, this phase of work has the opportunity to attract business development, tax base, job growth and reduced travel time, benefits that were due to the completion of phase 1.

Total cost of the project: $50,000,000

Albertville - Monticello

From Albertville to Monticello.

Brockton/610 Lane Interchange

The Brockton Lane Interchange will address a six-mile I-94 interchange gap between the City of Maple Grove and Rogers. More importantly, the Brockton Lane Interchange will improve the freight system by adding auxiliary lanes (east and westbound) and building a local roadway system that supports heavy commercial vehicles. The proposed interchange and freight improvements will improve freight logistics (e.g., route efficiencies, outflow/inflow of goods, and operations), while improving the corridor’s overall safety and mobility.

St. Cloud

The Coalition will work with MnDOT District 3 to continue expansion and improvements efforts west along the I-94 Corridor by seeking additional funding for the completion of this project.