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About the Coalition

The I-94 West Corridor comprises businesses, individuals, and government agencies committed to improving I-94 and its support facilities. Short- and long-term improvements to I-94 will generate economic benefits, improve freight and passenger car mobility and enhance the quality of life for residents and visitors.


The mission of the Coalition is to provide a strong, united voice to advocate for and address transportation concerns along the I-94 corridor, from Maple Grove to St. Cloud. Our growing communities require foresight, planning, and relentless advocacy to ensure that Central Minnesota’s transportation needs are not forgotten.


I-94 West is a crucial Minnesota transportation corridor, as well as a national freight arterial, which:

  • Links the Midwest to the Pacific Northwest ports
  • Is a key route for freight and travel to Chicago and the Eastern Sea Board
  • Is the gateway to Northern Minnesota’s Tourism Industry
    • Sunday afternoon from 4:00 – 6:00 pm being the second most likely time for a crash to occur along this corridor due to this.

Common Goals for Common Good

The Mission

The I-94 West Corridor Coalition seeks to work with residents, business leaders, and local, state, and federal policy makers to identify and rectify transportation infrastructure deficiencies along with corridor.


Our efforts are producing results. Phase 1, Rogers to St. Michael, has resulted in a 55% reduction in total vehicle delay!